Start your day with A Bun Dance!

After your morning prayer or meditation why not followup with an a bun dance? Create your own “gimmie shimmie” expecting abundance and all good things. Ask for what you want and expect greatness. Accept your blessings and give thanks. You have been given a new opportunity to make your mark. Give it all you’ve got!


Question of the Day

tuesday, another vote and the miseducation of the masses

A run-off election is being held in our state today. During last month’s primary voters were asked to vote on a transportation “initiative” that most people saw as a way to line the pockets of the usual suspects. The referendum was summarily defeated (maybe 3 to 1).
Some candidates running for statewide office fell short of a majority vote and are putting voters through the meat grinder of a repeat vote. It’s hard as hell to find any information about candidates, outside of their propaganda and the partisan attacks of opponents. Surely we have the technological capability of accessing real info on these characters and the ability of making voting easier for citizens. It makes you distrust the process. Despite the problems, the obvious attempt to confuse and obstruct, the more you vote, the better. The sheer numbers will eventually force officials to streamline the process and institute true efficiencies that open the process to all who want to participate. The “voter fraud” stuff is nonsense. If someone is caught committing a criminal act that person should be punished, NOT EVERYBODY who wants to vote. But as usual, this country uses a sledgehammer to drive a pushpin.
You’ll never guess what I learned…I did not know that a woman could not get pregnant if she was the victim of rape. Imagine that! According to a statement made by MO. Republican senatorial candidate Todd Akin (others have expressed this belief too) during the “legitimate rape” event women secrete a sperm repellant that blocks the connection of sperm to egg. If she gets pregnant it can’t have been rape. She can only get pregnant if she participated, if somewhere in her mind she really wanted it. What is this Salem, MA??? This guy should be tarred and feathered. The sad thing is, he’ll probably beat Claire McCaskill, who is no doubt asking for it. The GOP is trying to get the guy to step down. Why should he? He’s expressing a recurring team position. The Party should embrace and support him instead of pretending he’s the crazy uncle who escaped during a visit with polite company.

Though it’s not easy, I avoid the news.

Our local broadcast is replete with murders, armed robberies and assaults so I rarely watch. The national news is just plain stupid. A mentally imbalanced person shoots up a movie theater. America responds with a run on gun stores and buying up tickets to the movie. Are fear and belligerence our only tools in combating tragedy? I hope the national coverage is not emblematic of who we are…but I don’t know. I hope that more people spent time reaching out to young people with coping deficits. I hope that the kisses and hugs we give our kids impart a deep and genuine love for them and not perfunctory. I hope the pain of all touched by the killings generates fertile soil for healing. We always have the option to turn off the set. But turning away from those in need should never be an option.
Now for the STOOOPID…Have you heard the one about the guy who sells chicken sandwiches, makes a comment against gay marriage and city officials nationwide denigrate his company position? This leads to a chicken sandwich run and hastily constructed faux kissing booths. While America runs around like mindless chickens reacting to this nonsense Mr. Chicken is laughing all the way to the bank. Where I grew up we didn’t have Chic-Fil-A, but every Sunday sale flyer for the company was in our local paper. I moved to Georgia fifteen years ago and was happy that I would finally get to try Chik-Fil-A! The sandwich tasted like ASS! I haven’t had one since.

How America does tragedy.


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